The Real World...

Day 1:
This experience so far feels like I'm on that reality show on MTV "The Real World." And well I kind of am. I'm living in a community with strangers that I know nothing about and everyday we're going to be challenged to do something new. Group discussion helped me feel a little more comfortable knowing we were all on the same page; we are all apprehensive.
For all my STMU Resident Assistant's out there I'm reminded of the most and the only way I can explain this is like in training when we do "Behind Closed Doors." we are only getting tidbits of information and I'm unsure of what scenario or what could happen next. Except this time I can't say "timeout."
Spending time with the Brothers at West Hills reminded me of Casa Maria and the Marianist Residence that we have at St. Mary's. So being there felt a little more at home. Learning about their mission and work they do made me appreciate them even more and has had me thinking of Marianist Life/Post Grad Service a little more. I'm starting to understand more fully of why I was called here. Something that has been stuck in my mind since it being repeated at the Brother's house is the verse, "Do whatever he tells you."-John 2:5 This kind of feels like a retreat. By the way...the scenery in Cali  is AMAZING!!! I am so visual and I enjoy seeing everything and taking it all in.

Samantha Lara
St. Mary's University


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