Marianists on a Mission

Nothing stops a bullet like a job. This was a quote that stuck to my heart by Homeboy Industries as I contemplated what I really wanted to get out of coming to Los Angeles. As you've probably before, Homeboy is about spending time with each gang member to thoroughly hear what they have to say no matter how long it takes. What ignites me is that they started as a nonprofit with a goal to bring much needed change to the city, and through that have created Homegirl, a restaurant that serves really good food (as we've sampled) along with a gift store and many ways that the company makes profit. The name is something that is well respected around the area as we've been talking to townspeople about it, and the way that everything operates internally (from hiring previous gang members to putting plaques on the wall respecting any participant that gets a GED) tells me this is my calling. As a Business Administration junior of Chaminade University, I pray that God makes our paths clear for every opportunity; cause these Marianists are on a mission.

Cassin Muramoto
Chaminade University of Honolulu


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