Precious Moments

I'll just start by saying I have NEVER blogged before so I'm a little nervous about it right now. Also, sorry I didn't blog before like I planned. I didn't have any open computer. I guess I'll start from the beginning since I couldn't before.
On Saturday, when we first met everyone, it was a bit overwhelming, meeting so many new people at one time. I really wanted to remember everyone but I knew it probably wasn't gonna happen in the first night. However, I did enjoy spending time together getting to know everyone a little. 
On Sunday, it was my first time at a mass in a language other than English. It was an interesting experience for me. What I I really enjoyed was spending time with the brothers. Being at the brother's house was really comfortable and it just felt like being at a family member's. It was really nice talking to them.
Today was another awesome day.  Ryan, Amy, and I had lead for the morning prayer. Although we planed out what we were going to do, I was still a little nervous. However, I think it went very well. I liked the message we were sharing about fear and connecting it with God's love. We explained how we don't have complete knowledge of God's love if we have fear. Midnight Mission was a really good experice for me. I'm really happy that we got to go to Midnight Mission because it was very touching and inspiring to see and hear about how much they are able to help other people. Also, seeing how so many people were so grateful was very touching. Being at Midnight mission really gave me hope for better because they gave other people hope for a better life. I hope that other people go to volunteer their time to have a special experience for themselves.

Brandi Gonzales
Chaminade University


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