Today was such a long and memorable day. I woke up at 5:30 and prepared my self to go to Dolores Mission. Dolores Mission has really touched my heart. Since they are a Jesuit institution, they work towards community, social justice, simple living, and spirituality. The principal gave a presentation about the school and it really impressed me. The teachers and students at Dolores Mission School work towards being women and men for others. Dolores Mission School is very progressive and is very proactive rather than reactive. Just the presentation alone really moved me.

There is something about children that made our group very happy. When we spent time with the children at Proyecto Pastoral and Dolores Mission, there were smiles on everyone’s face. Those kids brought so much joy to me today. I’m so proud of our group. They did such a wonderful job with the kids. Martin, Michael, and I went to tutor 6th-8th grade students at Dolores Mission School’s after school program, but we had no idea what we got our selves into. The students were doing silent reading and then homework; however, they weren’t that focused today. So we went to exercise in the gym… I thought a couple of jumping jacks meant exercise, but we did Insanity instead. 40 minutes of hardcore cardio exhausted me. I was so tired, but if I stopped the kids would stop as well. I was proud of Martin and Michael for giving 100%. It was unexpected, but I’m glad I worked out with the students. I learned so much today and appreciate everything we experienced. Today was great and now it’s time to get some much-needed rest! 

Ryan Munoz
St. Mary’s University 


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