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Love is an open door PART II Joseph Zhoa

Love is an open door
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am Yu Zhao (Joseph), a rising junior at the University of Dayton and I am majoring in Psychology. It is such a blessing for me to participate the Los Angeles immersion trip this year. The most anticipating trip for me was to visit the Homeboy industry, a non-profit organization founded by Fr. Greg Doyle S.J. who has changed and saved thousands of former gang members’ life by treating them with love, dignity and offering them jobs in the homeboy industry. Today, my dream finally came true. Upon arrival, all members of the Homeboy industry have already gathered in the main lobby of the building, greeting and encouraging one another, listening to the schedule of the day, and holding hands together to pray for fulfilling their mission of the day. While we were praying, I was greatly touched by the family spirit that was created at that moment which brought all of us together beyond individual differences. Later, I learned that mo…

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