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Justice for Peace

Hi everyone, Natasha Mattox and Ximena Mondragon coming to you live from day six of our LA Immersion trip. We had an amazing day today. We began the day with morning prayer in the chapel, to put us in the mindset for the nice day ahead. We had three destinations: Dolores Mission, Our Lady of Talpa School, and Assumption School. Even though we had a long fulfilling day, we are going to focus on snippets of these three important places we visited, starting with Dolores Mission.
At Dolores Mission we met Brett who is a JVC (Jesuit Volunteer Corps) , he gave us insight on his discernment process from accounting, peace corps, JVC and being a Jesuit Novice. Following his talk about his discernment , he gave us a tour of the art in and around the church. One of paintings depicted the assassination of Oscar Romero, a priest in El Salvador that spoke out against a violent regime. In 1980 while giving a sermon, a gunman sent by the government shot him in front of his community. The painting sho…

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