Prepping and packing

Hey everyone.  This is Kristeme  from Chaminade University and I just want to share a little story about my prepping and packing 2 days prior to leaving!!!!LOL!

So I've been talking to the other three students from Chaminade about what we should pack, when we should start packing and all the nitty gritty.  I've only started packing on January 1st!!!! What a great way to start a year! LOL!

Well, I'm just very excited to go on this trip.  I can't even stop telling my mom about how excited I am! I'm so excited in meeting everyone from the other two sister schools: University of Dayton and St. Mary's.  I can't wait to create new friendship and bond with everyone that's going on this trip!!!

I would like everyone to know that I have my "A" game on and will continue to have it with me throughout this trip and I hope everyone is as excited for this trip as I am!!!!

Woohoo:) :)


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