The Face of Jesus

January 7th, 2013
Today I saw the face of Jesus in the smiles and warm eyes of the people we served today at the Midnight Mission who were thankful for another day and another meal. The face of Jesus was also present in the workers and volunteers who are so dedicated to Midnight Mission. Most people see this glorious majestic man when they think of Jesus but he was just like any other human being and he didn't live like a king. 
Our day was spent in the Vietnamese community. We got to explore a part of Chinatown and eat at Pho'87. It was quite an experience eating this kind of food. The people were really generous and the whole environment felt Marianist. We met Father Jim and he was very lively. We were then taken to St. Ann's Church and heard the nephew of the owner of Pho'87 speak to us about the hardships of how his people came here. Afterwards, we explored Midnight Mission which is on "Skid Row." It is a place similar to Haven For Hope in San Antonio, Texas but Midnight is mainly for men. We ment Dante who was our tour guide who was an alcoholic and Danny Harris an Olympian who was an addicted to drugs. We then got to serve the people and I made a Swedish friend who is on a missionary trip to spread the words of God's love. It is truly amazing to know that God's love is being spread through the working hands of us and those we meet.
The people that I served today taught me to be thankful for everything I have and to not take meals for granted. We always say, "There's people/kids in Africa who are starving." Well, there's people here in America too.  
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." -Matthew 7:12 That's the verse that popped in my head today. When Jesus washed his disciples feet they didn't want him to because they felt unworthy but Jesus taught equality and healed the sick and loved the poor. So much has been given to us to give unto others. 

"The love of Christ has gathered us together." (Santa Theresita Chapel)

Samantha Lara
St. Mary's University


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