Day 6

Today was a rather laid back day for our immersion group. After morning prayer and reflection, we headed to our final service site, which was the Catholic Worker Relief Site. We all went into the day hoping to get some work done at the site. We were rather dissapointed when we only ate at lunch and chatted with the patrons of the mission. On the other hand, it was very nice to be informed of the mission and the various programs that the Catholic Worker Mission provides for its patrons. The mission provides food for anyone who walks in their doors. They also provide foot cleanings for the homeless, as being homeless can be tough on a person's feet. The Catholic Worker Mission has a generally pacifist stance on most issues, and is against war. Given that the mission is not classified as a non-profit, it is come a long way from its origins, and that is something to be admired.

After spending our time at the Catholic Worker Mission, we drove to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the seat of the Archbishop of Los Angeles is at. The Cathedral was built in 2002, and took about 100 million dollars to build. After touring the massive Cathedral, we all headed back to our villa in Duarte, where we partook in leardership development training, and where we also formed a mission statement for this immersion experience.

I am very much looking forward to sightseeing Hollywood tomorrow and spending some much needed R&R time with the others during this immersion experience. Keep updated on all of the day's happenings!

Anthony Selvanathan
Chaminade University, Class of 2015


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