Community an important aspect

We all know or have an idea of the social issues that affect our communities. Coming to Los Angeles it allowed me to view social issues in a different context. It allowed me to see organizations, some of which are not in San Antonio, how they work towards helping the less fortunate. I was also able to meet people from the other universities and to learn of what issues their respective cities face and how they are addressed in those cities. Through this immersion many great things happened. Firstly this was the first time that I travel to another state. Secondly I was blessed to see the community spirit that resides within the marianist universities. Even though we came from different parts of the country we were able to bond and to grow with the help of each other. we learned from each other and shared what our experiences were with dealing with social issues that we face in our commuties and what we understand of them. Not only did we grow in community but we saw other great communities. One night we had dinner with the JVCs and we were able to learn from their experience and see how their community formed, and what it means for them to help and to live in community.

Arturo Arredondo
St Mary's University


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