Day 5

After a nice long rest after out most lengthy and most rewarding day at the Dolores Mission School I feel that I was able to get more of an insight of a day in the life of Los Angeles.

The Dolores Mission School has hands down been my most favorite day. Even More than our "Hollywood    Experience" today. When we first arrived we where placed into different classrooms. I was put into art/computer skills with Mr.S. I found the experience within the classroom. After the lunch I was placed in physical education with none other than Mr. Christopher Cantu and an amazing Jesuit Volunteer Core member, Coach Beth. Coach Beth was amazing with all of the variations of the students, being patient with the little ones and the right amount of discipline with the older students. My favorite class of the day was with the third graders in physical education. The students where so precious. I automatically bonded with this age group because they had so much innocence and love to give. I loved how open and friendly all the third graders where with Chris and I being outsiders. The kickball game that we played incorporated encouragement, athleticism and teamwork. I loved how all of the third graders where so encouraging of Chris and I racking up the points and playing on a team with them.

Katherine Marie Salazar
St. Mary's University


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