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Tonight, the 12 of us had the privledge of conversing with Father Jim Heft, a Marainist father who left UD in 2006 to write and study all things Catholic here in LA. Father Jim led us in a table conversation about religion and the importance of keeping it in our lives when so many see only the hypocracy to the media protrays about religion. I myself struggle daily with Catholicisms' views on homosexuality,politics, and family values. Recently in my life I have engaged in conversation with many of my friends who have left the Church or religion in general and I have had trouble defending my decision to stay. I knew the reasons in my heart, but could not put them to words. As usual, God brought me to the one person who could answer these questions, the one person He could speak through: Father Jim.
Father Jim spoke about religion as an adgent for positive change and community. He spoke of a church and a people who are open and loving to all. A church that not only accepts sinners, but requires that you are one. A church that is flexible and always changing and adapting to the world's needs. A Savior that is constantly challenging His people, emploring them to make risks. He spoke of a salvation that is available to all people, all religions, all cultures in one way or another in their life expirence. A salvation that is not a destination, but a process, a committment that one makes every single day. He spoke of love; God's love. Which is a love that every person on this earth is worthy of. He spoke of a Church that I instantly fell back in love with. Not that I had fallen out of love, but I had been unable to put that love into words. I will forever remember what Father Jim spoke of because his words told the story of exactly why I am Catholic. I never cease to be amazed at the ways God answers my questions.
Megan Fox
University of Dayton


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